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The Advantages of Using Flyers as a Marketing Tool

As a marketing tool, flyers have been around for some time and they prove especially useful in promoting special events. Delivering a marketing message via a flyer is certainly more cost effective than using other traditional media such as TV, radio or even billboards. Of all the non-digital methods of marketing, flyers could be the closest a business could get to target a specific audience. If a company is promoting an event in a certain location, distributing flyers in such a location will guarantee that the targeted audience receives the message. A company could therefore distribute flyers on certain streets or do it door to door. If it is an industry-specific message, flyers could be placed as inserts in an industry journal. If you are aiming at reaching people in a certain location, the tangible nature of flyers make them ideal for direct marketing. A buddy of mine does direct marketing for his house cleaning business and does really well. He would be happy to give you some tips just give him a call during the week  By making sure that your audience gets hold of the flyer, you’ll have won part of the battle. This is hardly the case when you run ads on other traditional media where you can never be sure that your message reached your target audience. Flyers call for great creativity. The design of a flyer plays a big role in influencing conversion. If, for instance, you are inviting people to a corporate event, designing a colorful flyer with a clear call to action (CTA) could prove very effective. The creation of a flyer allows the marketer to be a creative as possible and this might be all you need to do to make people take action.

Regardless of the message you are communicating, flyers can play a great role in helping build your brand. While the flyer will communicate a specific message, it also provides an opportunity for you to bring your brand to the attention of your audience.
The flyers should therefore carry your company’s logo and be printed in the colors that are unique to your organization in addition to carrying your company’s slogan. This way, you’ll be using the flyers not just to tell people about the special occasion but also to make sure that your brand stays in the mind of your target audience.
Flyers provide an effective yet inexpensive way for companies to pass marketing messages. This is especially important for small businesses that might only be interesting in reaching an audience in a specific location.

Kimberly Nelson